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Teen Somatic Experiencing

Teen Somatic Experiencing is a psychobiological method of treatment, most commonly used to treat teens suffering from chronic stress or trauma, as it may be connected with either mental health and/or substance abuse conditions. Teen Somatic Experiencing helps alleviate and address these symptoms by locating places in the body where stress is being stored, and then treating these specific blockages, so that teens are able to address and work through trauma, and their brains are free to return to homeostasis.

The Teen Somatic Experiencing process stems from the understanding of how mental health and substance abuse conditions may often put teens into a “flight, freeze, or fight” state, due to extreme stress experienced, which triggers the body’s adrenaline reaction. While this adrenaline-induced state is ideally only meant to be activated in occasional circumstances (such as being chased by a bear) and for a limited period of time (until you’re safe from the bear), chronic stress can create a prolonged state. Over time, this constant flooding of adrenaline in the body can cause a cascade of negative symptoms and effects, including effecting the neurotransmitter system, the hormonal system, the sleep cycle system, and numerous physical factors. Some of the different experiences that could potentially trigger this prolonged chronic stress state include things such as: physical or emotional trauma, invasive medical procedures, neglect, loss, ongoing fear, and/or disaster.

The idea behind Teen Somatic Experiencing is that there are some disconnects or blockages present that are continuing to trigger the brain to be in this heightened chronic stress state, even once the traumatic event is over and resolved. Therefore, the premise is if the disconnects or blockages are addressed, then the brain will be able to restore itself to natural functioning, and the teens adrenaline system (and corresponding symptoms) will heal and return to optimal functioning, as well. The way Teen Somatic Experiencing does this is through a non-invasive treatment that slowly teaches teens to increase their tolerance to experience uncomfortable sensations. By gradually learning to address uncomfortable sensations and topics in a controlled environment, the teens’ stress response will gradually begin to calm, thereby helping to pull the teens out of the heightened stress response state.


As our knowledge and understanding of mental health science and treatment continue to grow, the findings continue to point toward the most effective treatment being that which is holistic, and address teens holistically, with the premise that the mind, spirit, and body are connected as is health. In this sense, treatment today is continuing to move away from the types of treatment that divide up the human experience into physical and emotional parts, and instead, implement treatment that will work on multiple levels, simultaneously. This holistic approach is what we pride ourselves at Paradigm New York, and the reason behind why we provide such a wide range of different treatment approaches and modalities, such as Teen Somatic Experiencing. At Paradigm New York, we provide mental health and substance abuse treatment for teens both from New York as well as the rest of the country. Paradigm New York is regularly rated one of the best treatment centers in the United States.