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Teen Relapse Prevention

Our treatment philosophy at Paradigm New York is to support teens as individuals, in order to precisely and thoroughly address all aspects of their lives. Rather than simply helping teens get relief from troublesome symptoms, we want to support them to heal, recover, and make substantial, lasting changes in their lives. To this end, we’ve designed Psycho-Education services at Paradigm New York, including our Teen Relapse Prevention program. This program is designed as an educational resource to support and protect the gains teens make during treatment, so that they are able to continue in recovery and sobriety, without relapse.

We know from experience working with young people that there are a great number of factors that go into what their treatment experience is like. On a consistent basis, one of the factors that is successful in preventing teen relapse is the teens and families’ knowledge surrounding both the treatment process, as well as the mental health and/or substance abuse conditions themselves. In our Teen Relapse Prevention program specifically, we provide education to teens and families surrounding what challenges and pitfalls may arise following treatment, as well as resources and strategies, to avoid these challenges and ensure sustained recovery.

One of the central concentrations of our Teen Relapse Prevention Education program is leading teens and families through a detailed explanation of the most common relapse triggers. We find that providing this information helps to make families aware of what kinds of challenges may lie ahead. While our goal is never to instill fear in families, it’s important to understand that the recovery process is not limited to the teens’ time in treatment, and that there will need to be continued, sustained efforts made, by both the teens and the family members. At the same time, we work with teens to help provide them with knowledge, tools, and resources which they can employ to face these struggles. While teens are learning these kinds of resources daily in their therapy work, these sessions are more family-oriented and we find can be a very helpful tool, to get family members on the same page. It also serves to help encourage parents and provide them with information as to how they can provide support to their teens, gain support themselves, and rebuild their lives at home in healthy ways. Lastly, during Relapse Prevention Education we also educate teens on the multi-stage process of relapse, including the red-flag warnings that may arise. We work with parents and family members be aware and knowledgeable about what to look for, and also prepare them to address their concerns in healthy, constructive ways, should they arise.

Overall, our Relapse Prevention program at Paradigm New York is one more way that we seek to make our treatment be successful and long-lasting, by supporting teens and families to be as equipped, knowledgeable, and empowered as possible. At Paradigm New York, we not only want teens and families to make powerful positive changes in their lives while they are here with us, but we want this time to be just the beginning of the teens living their healthiest, best lives.

Paradigm New York is a residential adolescent treatment center, located in Westchester, New York.