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Teen Psychological Testing

At Paradigm New York, all of our treatment plans are individually designed, based on a thorough diagnostic evaluation process, which we provide to all incoming teens. This process includes Teen Psychological Testing, which is conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist. Notably, this testing takes place during the first 48 hours of a teen being at Paradigm New York, and usually includes a variety of evaluations that assess the teen’s emotional and cognitive functioning. This Psychological Testing provides invaluable information with which the psychologist and other team members can design the teen’s overall treatment plan. We provide ourselves in this thorough diagnostic process which we believe is integral to the quality and success of our treatment design at Paradigm New York, and notably, very often a step that is either hurried or omitted completely at other treatment programs.

While we understand this psychological testing process takes time and resources, our experience has shown us that it’s paramount to ensuring a proper diagnosis and furthermore, successful treatment plan. While this sort of Psychological Testing and diagnostic process may seem like it would be standard in treatment centers, the unfortunate reality is diagnoses continue to be poorly, inadequately done in many programs, which is evidenced by the resulting numbers of improper treatment, relapse, teens who return to treatment centers, and misdiagnosis. On a more personal level, teens are not getting the support they actually need, because treatment has been designed solely on a few symptoms, with virtually no effort given toward recognizing and treatment Co-Occurring Disorders, such as other mental health conditions, physical ailments, and/or relational factors. This process is understandably extremely frustrating and discouraging for teens and families who are making their best efforts to seek the care they need.

It’s also worth noting that our Teen Psychological Testing and diagnostic process goes beyond just evaluating teens for all present mental health and/or substance abuse conditions. We also work with teens to understand their personal goals, interests, strengths, and experiences, and carefully incorporate these aspects into the overall treatment plan. While this practice is almost non-existent at most treatment programs, we believe that teens’ interests and strengths can be extremely valuable to strengthening and furthering the teens’ goals, while with us at Paradigm New York.

This attitude is part of our overall holistic approach to treatment, which takes into consideration the teens as whole individuals, and therefore while working with the teens, we want to support them to view and care for themselves as whole people, as well. By providing treatment and support in this way, we strive to not only help teens to gain substantial relief from their current symptoms, but to prepare and equip them to navigate all aspects of their lives, moving forward.