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Teen Psycho-Educational Services

We understand that Adolescent Treatment can be a time of significant challenge and a great many questions, not only for the teens themselves, but also for their family members and loved ones. It’s quite common that before this experience, neither teens nor the family members had much familiarity or knowledge about mental health or substance abuse struggles, no less what the treatment process entails.   It’s also common that teens can be as overwhelmed by questions of what’s happening as to the symptoms themselves. It can be very scary, for teens and family members alike, to suddenly be dealing with a whole new language and experience of mental health, and this can make the process of treatment even more intimidating. In recognizing this, we’ve designed our Teen Psycho-Educational Services program, in order to help educate teens and families with knowledge and resources of mental health and substance abuse conditions, as well as the treatment process.

A cornerstone of our treatment approach, and a large part of what sets us apart from other treatment centers, is our commitment to communicating clearly and honestly, to the teens and families we work with. In our experience, when teens and families have more knowledge about what’s happening, it can help alleviate some of the anxiety, which is rooted in their unfamiliarity. Psycho-Educational sessions are designated to providing accurate, useful information that’s applicable to what teens and families are currently going through.

In educating teens and families about mental health conditions, we offer information surrounding things such as what symptoms may be present on the physical, emotional, and mental levels; how these symptoms may be aggravated and/or related; what sorts of causes may have led to these conditions; and what current support and efforts may help to alleviate symptoms. When working with teens and families surrounding substance abuse conditions, we discuss useful statistics; how the abuse may be related to other emotional or mental symptoms; how the abuse may have developed and progressed; and what the road to recovery looks like. In all of our Psycho-Educational sessions, we aim to help teens and families become more knowledgeable and find that very often, this translates to them feeling less afraid about what’s occurring, which allows them to shift their focus instead to what changes and steps to make, moving forward.

Paradigm New York is a residential treatment center, specializing in holistic mental health and substance abuse therapy, for adolescents. As a way of addressing and meeting all the different needs of the teens and families that come here, we offer Teen Psycho-Educational Services. Paradigm New York is located in a comfortable, house-like setting, in Westchester, New York.