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Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy

Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy is one of the treatment modalities we specialize in, at Paradigm New York. Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy is a type of therapy in which therapists work with teens to focus on the connections between inner thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions and their outward behaviors and experiences. More specifically, therapists work with teens to uncover and address the unconscious or subconscious tendencies, which teens may not be currently aware of. The premise of this treatment modality is for therapists to help teens to gain insight into themselves, their processes, habits, and behaviors, so that they can more thoroughly address unresolved issues or conflicts that are affecting their current experience and symptoms. This includes but is not limited to past conflicts or issues that may have occurred during childhood years. The goal then is by supporting teens to identify and address these past unresolved issues, teens will be able to gain both freedom and insight from these factors which are currently having negative effects on their lives.


Teen Psychodynamic Therapy is one of the oldest types of therapy and is derived from Freud’s psychotherapy, which was focused on the relationship between childhood experiences, as manifested in a person’s feelings and behaviors, later in life. Psychodynamic Therapy has continued to evolve over time, in order to be implemented in numerous different types of treatment, for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse conditions.


Teen Psychodynamic Therapy is an excellent modality for supporting teens to address their current struggles on a deeper causational level, as very often the conflicts and issues that arise are very connected to teens’ personalities, their sense of self, their identities, and their development. While the process of teens uncovering these connections may take time, the process itself is valuable, as it allows them to gain insight as to some of the reasons behind their current struggles and behaviors. During this process teens may also recognize aspects of their past experience which have had lasting effects on them which they were hereto unaware of, especially in instances where teens have experienced trauma, which can disrupt development on numerous levels. By working through these things with therapists, teens can help to address some of those areas of development which may need support.


In many ways Psychodynamic Therapy sessions look like traditional talk therapy sessions, although therapists often create more of a strategic framework of the conversation, in order to help teens to uncover those meaningful underlying connections and unconscious issues at hand. This is important in order to ensure that time is spent uncovering the meaningful underlying issues that are connected to behaviors, which will then lend itself toward supporting teens in making significant positive changes in their lives.


At Paradigm New York, we implement a number of different treatment modalities and approaches, including Teen Psychodynamic Therapy. Paradigm New York is a comprehensive teen treatment facility, dedicated to treating teens ages 13-17, in a comfortable, house-like setting. Paradigm New York is located in New York, in Westchester. Teens come to us at Paradigm New York both from New York and the East Coast, as well as the rest of the United States.