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Teen Psychiatric Evaluation

At Paradigm New York, our goal is to provide the most precise, thorough, and holistic treatment we can, to every teen who comes to us. This includes the very first phone calls, when a family is deciding if a teen will come to Paradigm New York; the initial intake and diagnostic process; and all the different aspects of therapeutic care and support we provide, throughout the teen’s treatment experience. In our experience, we’ve seen that by being intentional and specific with families from the very start, the result is the Paradigm New York treatment experience is far more comprehensive and individualized than other treatment centers today. Two of the most important aspects of this process are our Teen Psychiatric Evaluation and Teen Psychological Testing, which serve as the foundation upon which our quality treatment plans exist.


Following admission to Paradigm New York, all teens will complete a psychiatric evaluation by a Board Certified Adolescent Psychiatrist, as part of their overall intake and diagnostic processes. This psychiatric evaluation may last anywhere between a few hours to a few days, depending on the specific teen and any specific connections and/or complexities which our psychiatrist decides to explore. Throughout this time, a wide range of topics are addressed, including but not limited to; the teens’ family relationships and dynamics, academic experience and challenges, friends and peer groups, the teens’ childhood and development, current medications, medical history, and any current medical or psychiatric symptoms. Notably, our Psychiatric Evaluation is extremely thorough and aims to explore and identify any potential factors and/or experiences that may be contributing to the teens’ current symptoms or struggles.


This cumulative information is then used in the teens’ treatment design process and implementation. We pride ourselves in this thorough approach and while we understand that it requires much more time and effort up front, our experience has shown us that it allows us to focus and confidently provide treatment that uniquely fits each teen’s individual needs, thereby making it more efficient and more successful. This approach is also extremely crucial in our ability to successfully treat Co-Occurring disorders, which so very often go missed and untreated, at other treatment centers. While there’s a number of reasons for these omissions, very often this is directly connected to the diagnosis taking place as quickly as possible, in order to minimize the draw on the treatment center’s resources. This unfortunately results in a situation where teens are often hastily given a diagnosis that addresses only one aspect of their current overall experience, and blindly ignores crucial contributing factors that are at the very root of teens’ current difficulty.


Paradigm New York is committed to providing holistic teen treatment to each teen that comes here. This approach begins with the very first phone conversations, takes special prominence throughout the exhaustive diagnostic process and testing, and then of course during the treatment process. Our experience working with young people has shown us that there’s simply no substitute for this approach, when it comes to providing excellent quality care to teens.

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility located in Westchester, New York, and is one of the best treatment centers in the United States.