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Teen Multiple Personality Disorder Treatment


Multiple Personality Disorder is a mental illness in which teens have two or more different personality states, which determine the teen’s behaviors and identities.  These alternate identities often exhibit different speech, manners, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  Teen Multiple Personality Disorder is also known as Teen Dissociative Identity Disorder, due to it being a dissociative condition.


Generally speaking, the alternate personalities will have predominant control over the teens for the amount of time they’re present.  Therefore, when teens are under the control of one identity, they might think, behave, and communicate very differently from their usual behaviors.  While teens might be aware that they are speaking or behaving strangely or differently, they don’t have the ability regain control over themselves, which can understandably cause increasing amounts of anxiety, both in the teens themselves and in their loved ones.  Over time, this experience can cause teens to feel very disconnected from their own lives, identities, and experiences, as they no longer feel like their own.  Another common symptom of Teen Multiple Personality Disorder is for teens to suffer memory loss, during the periods of time whichthe alters have control.  For instance, teens may not be able to recall their names, address, friends’ names, or other basic facts from their lives during these time periods.

It’s also important to note that teens with Multiple Personality Disorder often also have a Co-Occurring Disorder such as Anxiety, Depression, or Self-Harm Disorders.


It’s important that any teen multiple personality disorder treatment first includes careful diagnosis for any Co-Occurring Disorders, which may be creating and/or aggravating present symptoms.  Beyond this, treatment may include a number of different approaches, including Talk Therapy and other more Progressive approaches that help to address the teens’ overreaching needs, such as decreasing stress, managing anxiety, and eliminating and controlling any urges of harmful behaviors.

The goal of teen multiple personality disorder treatment is essentially to work with the teens to first recognize any and all of the different personalities that are present, and then try to unite those personalities into a single identity.  Therapists may use a number of different techniques to help teens to accomplish this, and will pay special care to addressing the anxieties, beliefs, and fears of any of the personalities which may be dangerous or especially harmful.  Gradually over time, by acknowledging and addressing the different needs of the alters, the goal is that the alters will “trust” becoming one identity and they no longer need to forcefully take over.

Paradigm New York:

Paradigm New York is a residential holistic teen treatment center for mental health and substance abuse conditions, based in Westchester, New York.  At Paradigm New York, we provide comprehensive care for teens struggling with Multiple Personality Disorder, including those who also have Co-Occurring Disorders.  Paradigm New York specializes in intensive, holistic, short-term care that addresses all aspects of the teens’ lives and needs, including their physical, mental, spiritual, and social health.