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Teen Meditation Therapy

As knowledge of mental health science and treatment continues to grow and evolve, the evidence continues to point toward a more holistic approach of treatment, which considers mental health and physical health as one in the same. It’s from this standpoint that we’ve designed our treatment plans at Paradigm New York, with the goal of incorporating a number of different techniques and modalities, which can address teens’ well-being from many different approaches. We believe that by designing treatment in this way, we are better equipped to address all the different factors and connections occurring, which are resulting in the struggles teens are currently having. To this end, we offer a number of different traditional and Alternative Therapies, one of which is our Teen Meditation Therapy.


Teen Meditation Therapy has recently grown to become a relatively common tool implemented in both physical health and mental health facilities, as a way of supporting and promoting health. In some places, meditation is even included as part of treatment in clinics and hospitals, as part of Cancer Treatment. More specifically, these places offer Meditation treatment as a way of helping to alleviate stress levels and related symptoms, such as cortisol levels. It’s also becoming a readily used tool in the mental health field, used for treatment of both mental health and substance abuse conditions.


While the definition of “meditation” can vary, general speaking, it refers to techniques that are meant to support a clear mind-body connection, in order to produce relaxation of the mind and body. Building and strengthening this mind-body connection can be especially useful for teens who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse conditions, as very often the symptoms of these struggles tend to create a disconnect, in different ways, such as feelings of anxiety, panic, stress, negative physical symptoms, and more. Furthermore, it’s common for these symptoms to be cyclical; that is, that a certain thought pattern can trigger a physical symptom, and that those physical symptoms can trigger more anxiety or further that negative thought pattern. In supporting teens to build stronger connections between mind and body, therapists can help them not only to identify what’s happening, but to change it, as well.


Another valuable aspect of Teen Meditation Treatment is teens learning to build a more acute awareness of what they’re experiencing in the moment. First of all, this is extremely helpful for teens, as they process what they’re thinking and feeling, in other talk-based therapy sessions. And secondly, very often recognizing these connections can contribute to a mindfulness that helps to alleviate anxiety and stress, in itself.


The particular types of Meditation taught at Paradigm New York may differ, according to the session and the particular needs of teens. Some common practices our therapists implement include things such as breathing techniques, visualization, and mindfulness. Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment center, located in Westchester, New York. We design each teen treatment plan individually, by drawing upon a number of different strategies and therapeutic techniques, including Teen Meditation Therapy.