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Teen Individual Therapy

At Paradigm New York, our Teen Individual Therapy sessions are a cornerstone of our program and one of the fundamental aspects that sets us apart from most other teen treatment centers. We are the only teen treatment facility that provides individual therapy sessions, every day while teens are in treatment. Moreover, all of our individual therapy sessions are conducted by credentialed mental health professionals, rather than other staff members or para-professionals. Our insistency upon this level of intensive, consistent individual therapy is fundamental to our treatment approach and a big reason for our success in supporting teens to achieve significant, sustainable changes in their lives.


What we’ve seen in our extensive time working with teens is that some of the most important therapeutic work can simply not be accomplished as successfully in the group setting. This is especially true with regard to supporting teens to explore the deeper root causes and factors which are contributing to their current struggles and symptoms. While the group therapy setting can provide tremendous opportunities for teens to do important work, teens need the consistent work of daily individual therapy sessions, in order to gradually build an understanding of the deeper issues at work in their lives. This is understandably a very introspective and sometimes challenging task and requires teens feeling safe and supported, especially as they inquire into challenges which may have been unconscious to them, until now. The intimacy of the individual setting allow teens and therapists to work in this way, which then provides the groundwork for virtually all meaningful change to take place. Furthermore, the daily frequency of our individual sessions allows teens and their lead therapists to build the kind of therapeutic trust and relationship which allows teens to share, learn, and grow in incredibly meaningful ways. This relationship and dynamic is crucial in teens’ ability to engage their own recovery process and furthermore, to sustain a positive and hopeful outlook on themselves and the work they’re doing.


Our Individual Therapy sessions are categorized as talk-therapy sessions and more specifically, most often follow the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. This approach encourages teens to focus on the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which allows for the kind of self-inquiry and discovery referenced above. Our therapists are extremely skilled in the CBT approach, which is one of the primary reasons our treatment is a relatively short 30-45 days, as opposed to other treatment facilities, which may last several months.


Ultimately, the work teens do in their Individual Therapy sessions may look very different, depending on what’s going on in their lives and what their goals are. With that said, therapists are always going to be working with teens to identify the important connections in their lives and use these insights to then create positive changes in their lives. This includes therapists working with teens to identify thought patterns, recognize habits, identify stressors and triggers, explore relational dynamics and potential effects of trauma, and more.


One of the beauties of our Teen Individual Therapy program is this work lends itself so well to virtually every other aspect of treatment teens will experience. This foundation is instrumental in setting teens up to succeed, as they participate in group therapy, experimental therapy, different forms of art therapy, and other resources and activities, designed to improve their lives. Taken together, we’ve created an approach that is thorough, precise, individualized, and very successful.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment center that provides treatment for teens ages 13-17, for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions. Paradigm New York is located in Westchester, New York, just a short distance from Manhattan. While in treatment at Paradigm New York, teens receive individual therapy sessions, every day.