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Teen Hypnotherapy

At first glance, Teen Hypnotherapy may seem like a far-out New Age practice, but it’s actually a rather simple therapeutic modality of treatment, and was developed back in the 1970s. Just as numerous different therapeutic approaches emphasize teens becoming aware of their unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings, Teen Hypnotherapy specifically focuses on helping teens to explore their unconscious thoughts.


Dating back to Freud’s psychoanalysis, numerous different types of treatment stress the importance between people’s unconscious thoughts and their outward behaviors. The basic premise of these treatment approaches is that people have beliefs and feelings that they are unconscious or unaware of, but that which nonetheless influence the way they behave. Therefore, in dealing with teens that are in treatment, we want to help them to uncover any potential thoughts or feelings that may be contributing to and/or aggravating their current conditions. Even if these connections are quite strong, teens might be unaware of their presence, especially in instance where teens have experienced past trauma. Many times in these cases, teens can unconsciously become defensive of exploring those particular experiences and associated pain, which is why they’re unaware of how those things affect their current life experience.


In Teen Hypnotherapy, therapists help teens into a state of hypnosis, thereby helping teens connect with their unconscious minds. This hypnotic state is similar to dreaming and helps teens to be less defensive and more open to addressing particularly painful and/or traumatic past experiences. One teens are in this state of hypnosis, therapists will lead them through a conversation, discussing teens’ thought patterns, beliefs, struggles, and feelings, in a manner very similar to a traditional talk therapy session. Throughout the time, the therapist will note potential connections and other observations which may be useful in teens’ engaging other aspects of treatment and/or succeeding in their overall treatment program.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located in Westchester New York. At Paradigm New York, we offer Teen Hypnotherapy, as one of our Alternative Therapy modalities. Teen Hypnotherapy is always provided in conjunction with a number of our other different types of therapy, including the teens’ daily individual talk therapy sessions.