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Teen Group Therapy

One of the many things that sets Paradigm New York apart from other teen treatment centers is our commitment to designing treatment plans that draw upon many different resources and approaches, in order to create a treatment experience that can best meet the particular needs of each teen. We pride ourselves in this thorough approach and process, as we believe that there’s no substitute that creates a better or more comprehensive treatment experience. The level of individuality in our treatment plans is the reason for extensive list of therapeutic offerings at Paradigm New York, which include individual and group sessions.


It’s important to note that while we believe Teen Group Therapy is very valuable and poignant, we see it as one important aspect of an overreaching plan, which includes a great deal of individual therapy sessions, as well. With this said, one of the reasons Teen Group Therapy can be so valuable is due to the inherent instinct which teens have to connect and open up to their peers, to engage with each other, and to support one another. What we know is, be it for better or worse, there’s almost no stronger influence on teens than their peer relationships; therefore, during our Teen Group Therapy sessions, there is wonderful potential for peers to encourage, motivate, and inspire each other in their treatment goals.


When combined with the therapeutic work teens are doing in their Individual Therapy sessions, these Group Therapy sessions can help achieve synergistic results in the teens’ ability to process what they’re experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally. During our Teen Group Therapy sessions, we draw from a number of modalities, including but not limited to interpersonal process-oriented work, as well as didactic and experiential approaches. Our therapists may implement or design sessions in certain strategic ways, based on the particular teens in the group and what the needs and goals are, of the session.


Overall, our therapists are always looking for opportunities to set teens up to share with each other and create a safe, supportive space where teens can feel understood and encouraged by one another. This is a powerful force in teens’ lives, as so many have experienced some form of difficulty with peer relationships and often felt pressure to be secretive, feeling that they can’t be honest about where they are and what they’re feeling. Therefore, when teens are willing to open up, share, and reflect on both their own experiences and those of their peers in this setting, the result is that teens can become even more willing and motivated to face their struggles and to find ways to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives.


At Paradigm New York, the Teen Group Therapy sessions are often one of teens’ favorite aspects of their treatment experience, and many teens form meaningful relationships that will last for years to come. This is something we take great pride in, as we work hard to ensure and facilitate a supportive environment of teens where teens can rise to the occasion, both of their own healing and recovery, and that of their peers, as well. This is absolutely one of the pillars of Paradigm New York treatment and one of the things that sets us apart from many other treatment programs today.