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Teen Family Dynamics and Education

One of the many things that makes adolescent treatment unique is the central role of family relationships, in the teens’ lives. While teens are independent enough to make many decisions on their own, they’re also still under the care and responsibility of their parents, which is why the family unit is so important to address and support, as one aspect of teen treatment. Through our extensive experience working with young people we’ve come to believe that in order to successfully treat teens so to recover without relapse, teens must have the understanding and support of their families. To make this family work a priority at Paradigm New York, we’ve designed a number of different therapeutic sessions and groups, including our Teen Family Dynamics and Education.

In our Teen Family Dynamics and Education sessions, we work to educate teens and families about the dynamics often present in relationships, and what the ramifications of those dynamics can be. Very often, these dynamics are completely unknown to family members and yet, habitually carried out on a daily basis. Because of this, there can be decades-old cause and effect behavioral patterns in place that continue to cause tension, stress, and conflict, despite family members’ most sincere efforts to improve things.

Therefore, in these Teen Family Dynamics and Education sessions, therapists work with families to help everyone become aware and knowledgeable about what dynamics are present, and what the effects of those dynamics are on others. These dynamics may include old patterns or new ones, which have developed during the treatment time. During these sessions, all family members get a voice as to how certain behaviors and dynamics have affected them. And the teens in treatment can voice what role certain dynamics may have in either triggering and/or aggravating their current struggles. Though discussing these dynamics directly can sometimes be uncomfortable at first, it can lead to the opportunity for powerful changes to take place, as the family members can work together to rebuild these broken dynamics and communication habits.

In contrast to the more direct therapeutic work teens and families do in their Family therapy sessions, our Family Dynamics and Education is an information-based session, providing families with knowledge and tools that they can employ, during those sessions. Whether or not it’s the family’s first time in therapy together, we find that this background information can prove extremely helpful for family members, as they engage in the therapeutic process. This helps to ensure that the therapy process is as intensive and productive as possible, resulting in meaningful and lasting changes. At Paradigm New York, we’re proud to offer a number of different family support services programs, in order to inform, prepare, and support all family members, throughout the treatment process. Paradigm New York prides itself in being a holistic-minded adolescent treatment facility that address and supports overall family health, as one aspect of our treatment programs.

Paradigm New York is located in Westchester, New York and provides treatment to teens, ages 13-17.