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Teen Expressive Arts Therapy

At Paradigm New York, we pride ourselves in offering one of the most extensive selections of therapeutic offerings of any treatment center in the country. Among these, we offer Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs, which we believe are tremendously useful, powerful treatment modalities for adolescent therapy. In our experience, Expressive Arts therapies are not only successful in helping provide opportunities for teens to engage in their treatment process, but they lend themselves as excellent supplements to the talk-therapy work teens are also doing.


At Paradigm New York, we incorporate Expressive Arts Therapy alongside our other talk-therapy and more traditional therapeutic approaches. Currently, some of the most popular Expressive Arts Therapies we offer include: Cinema Therapy, Biblio Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Drama Therapy. Depending on the group of teens we have and their particular needs and goals, we implement different sessions at different times, in order to most precisely meet the treatment goals of our teens. All of our Expressive Arts Therapy groups are led by professional therapists who have Master’s level degrees in their fields, as well as Expressive Art certification, in their particular area of study. Beyond this, they are all trained and skilled specifically with regard to implementing Adolescent treatment.


One of the great benefits of the Expressive Arts therapy approach is providing teens with alternative methods of opportunity for expressing and processing their emotional experiences, through art. Furthermore, very often teens gain access into particular aspects or perspective of their current experience which they were unable to gain, in strict talk-therapy sessions. What we find is that especially in the residential treatment setting where teens are spending an intensive amount of time processing, it’s extremely important to provide them with a variety of different experiences and activities in their time, so that they continue to be present with the process. In that sense Expressive Arts Therapy programs often feel refreshing and different to teens, in a way that allows the teens to engage fully and even enjoy the process of this time.


Teen Expressive Arts Therapies also lend themselves very well to Paradigm New York’s overall holistic philosophy, of designing and implementing treatment that addresses all different aspects of teens’ lives, through a number of different approaches. Expressive Arts Therapies are designed with the goal of supporting teens to gain insight into themselves as people. This kind of work proves incredibly valuable then, within the framework of our larger treatment programs, which are designed to help teens heal and grow as people, first and foremost. In supporting teens to see themselves as whole beings and address change in this way, we can work with teens to not only support them to gain relief from symptoms, but to grow as human beings, in all areas of their lives.


At Paradigm New York, we incorporate Teen Expressive Arts therapy programs, as part of our overall teen treatment programs. Paradigm New York is consistently rated among the very best teen treatment centers in the country and serves teens from New York, the New York Coast, and the rest of the U.S. Paradigm New York is located just outside of New York City, in Westhcester.