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Teen Experiential Therapy

Teen Experiential Therapy is an important modality we incorporate within treatment plans at Paradigm New York. Teen Experiential Therapy is a treatment approach that focuses on activities, movements, actions, and experiences during treatment, as opposed to more talk-based therapies, which rely more heavily on conversation. There are a number of different benefits to incorporating Experiential Therapy within adolescent treatment, especially as a supplement to talk-therapy sessions. This style of therapy can often be very helpful for teens who have difficulty engaging in talk-therapy and/or are treatment-resistant, because of past efforts and experiences. Very often in these Experiential Therapy settings, teens are more able to relax and engage freely, without feeling the pressure to control and/or monitor the therapy taking place. At the same time, this allows therapists to observe teens in a more natural setting, which can provide useful insights as to adaptations and/or adjustments in the treatment plan.


Some of the specific types of Experiential Therapy options we provide at Paradigm New York include but are not limited to: Recreational Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, and Yoga Therapy. The specific types of therapy we provide varies according to the individual teen, and what his or her overall treatment goals are. Along the same lines, the benefits that these types of therapy provide of course differ for each person; however, one of the overreaching benefits of these programs is the way in which teens are often able to soften and engage in the treatment, with fewer defenses.


Another benefit is teens get great enjoyment out of the activities involved, whether it be acting out a small play, brushing a horse, practicing yoga, or painting. This addition of positive action and joy to the teens’ lives is an important aspect of our overall treatment philosophy at Paradigm New York, which is to incorporate and encourage positive aspects of the teens’ lives, rather than only focusing on negative symptoms. And lastly, our skilled Experiential Therapy therapists are excellent at using the experience at hand to help teens to draw valuable connections and insights, from what they’re doing. In this sense, the Experiential Therapy options often work more as “indirect” forms of therapy, in which teens don’t feel the same rigidity or pressure that may sometimes be associated with the talk-therapy sessions.


For this reason, we find Experiential Therapy to be an excellent supplement to our talk-therapy aspects of treatment. At Paradigm New York, we offer a wide range of Experiential Therapy options, as part of our overall teen treatment programs. Paradigm New York is located in Westchester New York, and provides holistic adolescent treatment for a teens struggling with Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse conditions.