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Teen Emotional Management

When adolescents are wrestling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder, the emotional energy and stress can be overwhelming. A vast number of mental health and substance disorders present symptoms that vastly disrupt teens’ moods, making it difficult for them to feel like themselves, and often, to function at all. Regardless of the specific diagnosis or context, most teens will face significant emotional effects which will continue, although often alleviate, throughout the treatment process. To help educate teens and families to become prepared and equipped to face these emotional challenges during treatment, we’ve designed a Teen Emotional Management program, at Paradigm New York.

Our Teen Emotional Management program is open to all teens and families that are here with us at Paradigm East. In supporting families to be as educated and resourceful as they can throughout this time, we find it very beneficial to not just have them experience the treatment process- in individual and family sessions- but to learn about it, as well. In this sense, the Teen Emotional Management program helps teens and families to gain insight as to what they’re experiencing and participating in, from a more scientific and clinical standpoint.

During adolescent treatment, there are a number of emotional challenges that can arise. Though our lead therapists are incredible skilled in leading teens through meaningful engagement of these emotional issues, this kind of intensive reflection can be stressful. While entering treatment is a significantly positive step, it’s the beginning of a process which will continue to have emotional stressors, which teens have to learn to manage. This can be particularly uncomfortable and intimidating for teens who may have been subsequently avoiding dealing with their condition and/or talking about what they’re going through. While in the short term, talking about their feelings experiences may increase symptoms of stress, we want to help teens understand that in the longer term, building this open communication will soon become the source for their relief, both from stress, and from symptoms.

Another aspect we address in our Teen Emotional Management sessions is to help lessen the anxiety and fear that teens may feel, as a result of the emotional stress they’re under. Because some of the symptoms of mental health and substance abuse conditions can confusing, learning about what is common and to be expected can actually help lessen the mystery surrounding some of what teens are going through.

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located in Westchester, New York. Paradigm New York prides itself in its holistic approach to all aspects of treatment, including our Education Services program, which are designed to educate teens and families on mental health and substance abuse conditions and treatment. Paradigm New York is one of the most highly respected treatment programs in the country and serves teens ages 13-17.