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Teen Drama Therapy

Teen Drama Therapy is one of the many Expressive Arts Therapy programs we offer at Paradigm New York. Teen Drama Therapy is a dynamic, organic, and creative therapeutic modality, which uses dramatic exercises and activities, as a way for teens to recreate, examine, and reflect upon their thoughts and feelings. At Paradigm New York, we implement Teen Drama Therapy sessions as a supplement to our Talk Therapy program, as a way of providing a comprehensive treatment experience to teens struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions.


One of the reasons Teen Drama Therapy provides such an excellent supplement to talk-therapy based modalities is it becomes a setting where therapists can help teens to recreate, explore, and reflect upon issues that are arising in their other therapy sessions. In these sessions, therapists will often create a particular “pretend” dramatic scenario or narrative, which teens then get to play out, with no pressure of any desired outcome or result. While engaging in this playful type of practice, teens are encouraged to explore and discover what sorts of thoughts and emotions arise, and how these might be related to their current real-life situations. What this exercise creates is teens often feel more access to explore painful and difficult dynamics and struggles in their lives, because of the indirect, no-pressure setting that’s been created. Therefore, very often teens are able to find just enough distance in this context that they’re able to say things, or do things, which are truthful to them and yet, they may not be comfortable or brave enough to do, in “real life.” Of course teens can then take the discoveries and insights they make during these Drama Therapy sessions back into their other therapy work, and very often may feel more prepared and/or insightful about those issues.


The therapeutic and creative knowledge, insights, and skills of the therapists allows them to create and guide the process in such a way that teens feel free to explore and express themselves in the ways they choose, while also helping ensure the therapeutic value of the time. Along these lines we proudly note that all of our Teen Drama Therapists are licensed and credentialed in their particular fields and skilled and experienced, working with adolescents.


At Paradigm New York, we offer Teen Drama Therapy as part of our teen treatment plans. Paradigm New York is a comprehensive teen treatment center, with a focus on holistic care that addresses all aspect of teens’ lives and well-being. Paradigm New York serves teens ages 13-17 in a comfortable house-like setting, in Westchester, New York, and is regularly ranked one of the best treatment centers in the country.