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Teen Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment


Teen Dependent Personality Disorder is a mental health condition in which teens are controlled by an extreme dependence on other people, to a degree where it becomes difficult for them to think or make decisions for themselves, without others’ input.  This dependence can lead to negative and destructive situations in the teens’ lives, such as them being in abusive relationships, experiencing an inability to make healthy decisions to move forward, and a reluctance to inhabit any changes in their lives.


One aspect of adolescence is that relationships with others (especially friendships with peers) play an especially important role.  While some degree of dependence is normal, teens with Teen Dependent Personality Disorder become so dependent upon others that they are unable to function healthily, in their everyday lives.

This can lead to a number of different problematic situations including but not limited to: teens refusing to share their personal thoughts and beliefs; teens become unable to receive any criticism; teens must always be in a romantic relationship; teens agree and follow what others say and think, in order to avoid any tension; teens are afraid to be alone for any amount of time; teens refuse to make necessary decisions; teens struggle with Substance Abuse and other behavioral issues; teens struggle with thoughts of Self-Harm and/or suicide; and teens have extreme fear about what others think of them.  There are four different subsets of Teen Dependent Personality Disorder, including: Accommodating Dependent, Ineffectual Dependent, Immature Dependent, and Selfless Dependent.

Generally speaking, teens’ extreme dependence on others is rooted in teens having a low sense of self-worth and therefore, choose to rely upon others’ thoughts, feelings, and instincts, rather than their own.  Because teens constantly looking outward for answers serves as a form of avoidance of their own experience, this behavior only serves to worsen the teens’ feelings about themselves.  Along these lines, it’s important to note that this personality disorder is commonly present with another Co-Occurring Disorder, especially such as Anxiety or Depression.


Teen dependent personality disorder treatment for should include aspects that not only address the teens’ outward behaviors and patterns in relationships, but also their mental, emotional, and physical symptoms and experiences.  While at first, looking inward and evaluating their own thoughts and feelings may be difficult and scary for teens, gradually over time, and with the support of their therapists, this will serve as the key to teens rebuilding their sense of self, accepting themselves as people, and restructuring the dynamics of their relationships with others.  In this regard, it’s especially important during teen dependent personality disorder treatment for the therapist to carefully build a supportive, non-judgmental environment, in which the teens feel safe to expose and examine things about themselves which they feel so negative and self-conscious about.  Very often, this communication in itself can serve as a huge step forward in teens regaining healthy perspective on themselves and their lives.

Paradigm New York:

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located just outside of New York City, in Westchester.  Paradigm New York provides holistic mental health and substance abuse treatment for teens ages 13-17, in a comfortable, house-like setting.  Paradigm New York is one of the leading teen treatment centers in the United States and serves teens from all over the U.S. and abroad.