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Teen Art Therapy

At Paradigm New York, we offer Teen Art Therapy sessions, as part of our Expressive Arts Therapies program. Teen Art Therapy is a treatment modality which incorporates numerous different aspects of creating art and reflecting upon it, as a means to inquiring, processing, and reflecting upon their current experiences, thoughts, and feelings. We implement our Teen Art Therapy sessions in conjunction with our other more traditional talk-therapy, such as Individual Talk Therapy, Group Therapy, and Family Therapy sessions. We find that used in this way, our Teen Arty Therapy sessions can provide powerful therapeutic opportunities for teens that are an excellent supplement to the more direct work they’re doing in other talk therapy sessions.


One of the benefits of Teen Art Therapy is that adolescents tend to enjoy the process as much as the results and don’t feel the same kind of direct stress or pressure that can sometimes be associated with talk-based sessions. Additionally, because our residential treatment program is intensive and therefore, teens are processing significant amounts of information, we find that Art Therapy can at once be relaxing and insightful.


During sessions, therapists use both the process of creating artistic pieces themselves as well as reflecting on art, as a way for teens to explore their feelings, acknowledge conflicts, create self-awareness and foster a stronger sense of self, observe behaviors and tendencies, notice certain reactions, navigate relationships, build peer relationship skills, and gain relief from negative symptoms. It’s important to note that the therapeutic value of these sessions is not based on the artistic product the teen creates but instead, the process itself. In fact, one of the reasons that so many teens- including those who don’t consider themselves artistic- enjoy these sessions is because teens are encouraged not to give judgement toward either the piece of art, the process, or themselves as artists. This mentality fosters an incredibly safe and supportive environment where teens are free from the fear of a specific outcome, which allows them to engage fully in the process, which helps teens to experience less stress and more freedom to explore and enjoy the time.


Teen Art Therapy sessions can be used as part of treatment to address a number of different mental health and substance abuse disorders, and continues to be an increasingly practiced modality, used to address symptoms and struggles related to Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Autism, Alcoholism, and more. While many treatment centers now advertise Teen Art Therapy sessions, it’s important to recognize that Art therapists are specialty therapists in their field and have extensive training and education, which provides therapists with the unique skills and talents necessary to transform an art class experience into a therapeutic, healing one.


At Paradigm New York, we offer Teen Art Therapy as one of our many Expressive Arts Therapies program. Paradigm New York is one of the leading treatment facilities in the country, and boasts one of the largest selections of treatment modalities available. Paradigm New York is located in in a comfortable, house-like setting.