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Teen Action Oriented Therapy

Teen Action Oriented Therapy is a therapy approach very similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in that it focuses on outer behaviors and changes. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is classified as a goal-oriented therapy approach, Teen Action Oriented Therapy is more focused on helping teens to find practical solutions which will positively affect current struggles and symptoms, which are connected to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conditions. Whereas most talk therapy sessions are oriented towards encouraging teens to explore and identify the underlying emotional conflicts and issues in themselves, Teen Action Oriented Therapy focuses on supporting teens to use this information to then take action in their lives. These actions are the necessary steps teens must make in their lives in order to make meaningful changes, which will in turn, help to alleviate their current symptoms and distress.


Therapy is of course different for each teen and while some teens are very comfortable with the more exploratory nature of talk therapy based approaches, many teens appreciate the more direct, tangible nature of Teen Action Oriented Therapy. In Teen Action Oriented therapy, therapists help teens to not only identify and specify what their treatment goals are, but also to lay out pragmatic steps which will lead to them achieving these goals. Then, therapists support teens to make connections between their current struggles and their behaviors, in order to identify what potential changes they can make in their lives, in order to gain positive effects.


At Paradigm New York, we implement Teen Action Oriented Therapy as one important aspect of teens’ overall treatment plans. We find that this approach is especially powerful because of the foundation of strong talk-based therapy techniques that we use, which lays the important groundwork from which meaningful changes can occur. Of course the specific goals and actions that arise are different for each teen but often include both the ending of negative behaviors as well as the inclusion and effort of new behaviors. We’ve seen Teen Action Oriented Therapy prove to be very effective in treating numerous Mental Health and Substance Abuse conditions.


Paradigm New York is one of the leading treatment centers in the country and is located in beautiful Westchester, New York, just outside of New York City. Paradigm New York treats teens ages 13-17 for mental health and substance abuse conditions.