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Teen Academic Issues Treatment


One of the important things to recognize about mental health and substance abuse treatment is that not all challenges teens face will always fit neatly into a particular category of mental illness.  In fact, very often, teens’ symptoms overlap between different categories, factors, and sometimes, diagnoses.  This is one of the fundamental reasons why at Paradigm New York we believe in approaching treatment holistically, and addressing teens as whole beings.  With this in mind, we’ve designed our Teen Academic Issues support programs that address the stressors and pressures teens face in school, which we find to be one of the most common stressors in teens’ lives.

The particular Academic Issues of course vary from teen to teen, but it’s very common for much of teens’ academic stress to revolve around feeling extreme amounts of pressure from their responsibilities, and not enough time to fulfill them all.  Along these lines, Teen Academic Issues does not just refer to teens that are struggling with grades or performance academically, but also those students that are so high-performing that the stress to sustain such excellence takes a serious toll on their quality of life.  While some academic stress is normal, for some teens, it becomes so overwhelming that it negatively effects the teens on multiple levels and can affect their physical, mental, social, and relational health.

Some of the common signs and symptoms that teens with Academic Issues may experience include: insomnia; sudden withdrawal from others; extreme indecision and/or inability to prioritize; sudden change in mood and enjoyment of things; sudden apathy toward life; consistent agitation and anxiety, especially regarding time management; constant worry or obsession over grades; fear of others judging them; fear of failure; fear of peers disliking or judging their academic performance; and a fear of being disliked or seen as not good enough.



In designing our Teen Academic Issues Treatment, we look at each teen’s individual experience holistically, carefully identifying how academic stressors and pressures may be contributing to symptoms, and often, how the symptoms are aggravating the academic struggles.  By including intentional time to help teens identify and reflect upon what kind of academic support they need and furthermore, how their academic issues are affecting the rest of their lives, we’re able to weave in individualized Academic Support programs that are specifically tailored to teens’ needs.  In this sense, Teen Academic Issues Treatment may look different for each teen, including special classroom help, one-on-one tutoring, relaxation techniques, test practice, and other resources to help teens reduce their academic stress.  And while teens are gaining practical support and solutions for their academic challenges, we’re also helping to support them in other areas of their lives, so that the negative effects of these academic issues are gradually lessened and become much more manageable, overall.


Paradigm New York:

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located in Westchester, New York.  Paradigm New York specializes in designing holistic treatment plans for adolescents struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.  While at Paradigm New York, teens receive individual therapy sessions, every day while in residence.