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Social Skills Curriculum

It’s very common for teens that are struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders to also be experiencing tension and challenges in their relationships. For one reason, a vast number of the symptoms of these conditions make it very difficult to communicate well, and for another, the symptoms also tend to cause teens to withdraw from others and isolate themselves. Adolescents struggling with mental health issues are especially prone to hiding what they’re experiencing, and so over time, this can cause significant rifts in relationships. These challenges in relationships often extend to peers and social situations, as well as family members.   In order to support this aspect of teens’ lives and ensure their ability to maintain social relationships, we offer a Social Skills Curriculum at Paradigm New York, as part of our treatment programs.


The Social Skills curriculum is designed to address and supports teens’ specific needs and challenges, regarding their current relationships, and therefore, differs according to the individual teen. For instance, for some teens that have been struggling with Depression which has caused them to withdraw from their relationships and live in secrecy, it will be important for teens to begin building those relationships and learn to share their experience, with good friends whom they know they can trust. For teens recovering from substance abuse issues, one aspect of their treatment may be to prepare them to form friendships not based on using and furthermore, learn to enjoy certain activities and events sober. Other teens may struggle with the classroom setting and may need to learn strategies to overcome anxiety, in that setting. And still other teens may just need to practice ways to hold conversations, how to participate appropriately in groups, and how to read social cues. Whatever the particular context, our therapists work with teens to identify what struggles they’re facing with regard to their social relationships, and identify specific ways to implement positive changes in these areas of their lives.


At Paradigm New York, we implement our Social Skills Curriculum in conjunction with numerous other groups, sessions, and modalities, so that it’s one part of a cohesive plan. We believe that by providing holistic treatment in this way, we’re not just working to help teens gain relief from current symptoms, but setting them up to recover and succeed in all areas of their lives, moving forward. Healthy relationships and social functioning is an important part of teens’ lives and thus, we want to work and practice techniques and tools which will serve teens well, once they return to their everyday lives and relationships.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located in Westchester, New York. Paradigm New York provides mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment to adolescents, ages 13-17, in a comfortable house-like setting, for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses.