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Teen Recreational Therapy

As part of our holistic treatment philosophy at Paradigm New York, we offer Recreational Therapy options, which includes a number of different physical activities, geared toward supporting teens’ physical health, as well as serving as a source of enjoyment and positive activity, for teens. Because we want to find ways to incorporate teens’ strengths and interests during their treatment time, as much as possible, Recreational Therapy provides a great opportunity for teens to get outside, be active, do things they love, and/or learn to enjoy fun, sober, physical activities, with peers.

Our Teen Recreational Therapy program includes a number of different activities, including things such as one-on-one physical training sessions with a professional trainer; hiking; bicycling; playing sports; snow activities; and more. When implementing Recreational Therapy aspects into teens’ treatment plans, we recognize that teens have varying capabilities, interests, and physical limits, and these differences are always considered and respected.

Regardless of what teens’ current level of physical fitness and interest is, we want to use this time to encourage teens to participate in physical activities. Because we know that regular exercise is so essential to overall health and well-being, our Recreational Therapy time is a way of ensuring that teens are learning fun, enjoyable ways to incorporate exercise into their lives, on a regular basis. What we find is that often, even teens that don’t view themselves as athletes and/or don’t feel particularly motivated to exercise, nonetheless experience positive effects, from this time. Some of the benefits many of our teens experience include: increased confidence, improved social skills, reduced stress, reduced anxiety and self-awareness, improved coordination, and increased energy.

Another benefit of Teen Recreational Therapy is in simple terms, it’s a great time for teens to get out of the house, out of the everyday treatment settings, and spend time having times and letting loose, often outside. At Paradigm New York, we believe that it’s extremely important to support and encourage teens’ strengths and interests during treatment, so that they continue to not lose sight of the positive things still in tact, in their lives. Very often, Recreational therapy time often provide teens with enjoyment, relief, and a breath of fresh air from their daily schedules, which helps to refresh their minds and energize them. We see this time as paramount to supporting teens’ ongoing energy and capacity to fully engage in their daily therapy sessions, and get the absolute most out of their time with us at Paradigm New York.