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Pet Friendly Teen Treatment

As many of us understand from our own experiences, pets are sources of comfort, joy, encouragement, and love. For many of us, pets are family members and thought of and cared for, as such. At Paradigm New York, we recognize that the process of adolescent treatment can be challenging, both mentally and emotionally and as such, the comfort of animals is very valuable during this time. In order to provide this support and experience to teens who are in treatment, we offer Equine Therapy and Animal Assisted therapy programs.


The basis for Animal Assisted Therapy is founded in a truth many of us already understand to be true: that animals can help make people feel comforted, safe, and comfortable. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a therapeutic modality that involves animals throughout the treatment process, as a way of helping to encourage and support teens’ recovery process. Experience shows that AAT can be extremely useful not only in providing teens with comfort while they process challenging and uncomfortable issues in their lives, but that it can also help to motivate the teens, to encourage them, to bring them joy, and to help alleviate the challenges of communication. Because of these numerous benefits, AAT has expanded to become a widely respected and implemented approach, including in a number of different settings, such as: hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, schools, and youth centers.


At Paradigm New York, we also offer Equine Therapy, which is a form of treatment in which teens get to work with and interact with horses in a therapeutic context. Equine Therapy is a highly respected treatment modality and has continued to prove itself as very useful for teens that are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders. All of our Equine Therapy sessions are led by a licensed Equine Therapist, who structures and designs the particular session, based on the teens’ current needs and goals, in treatment.


In addition to these specific programs, we also provide opportunities for teens to have their pets visit them, while they are staying with us at Paradigm New York. While by law, we’re unfortunately prohibited from allowing animals to stay at the treatment house indefinitely, we allow visits during both our Family Day visits and our Family sessions. We’ve created this opportunity in an effort to recognize teens’ unique needs and support them in any ways we can, including offering them time when they can be comforted and encouraged, by being with their pets.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment center, providing holistic therapy for teens struggling with mental health and substance abuse struggles. At Paradigm New York, we’re committed to supporting teens in every aspect of their lives, throughout the entirety of their treatment experience. One of the many programs we’ve designed to provide this unique level of support is our Pet Friendly Teen Treatment program.