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Multi-Family Therapy

At Paradigm New York, we’re committed to including meaningful family therapy sessions into all teen treatment programs. One important aspect of our family treatment program is our Multi-Family Therapy sessions. Multi-Family Therapy sessions are a time when families of current teens at Paradigm New York participate in a larger therapy group together. During these sessions, therapists lead the group to discuss current experiences, challenges, and insights of what they’re going through. Whereas individual family therapy sessions are more focused on helping families to delve into their own deeper issues and dynamics, these larger multi-family sessions help teens and family members to be able to create community and share experiences, which is invaluable during this time. We hold these Multi-Family therapy sessions each week at Paradigm New York and often find that they prove to be many teens’ favorite aspects of their treatment experience.


One of the greatest challenges of being a teen or family member in treatment is it can feel extremely isolating. Very often both teens and family members can feel alone in these struggles both preceding and during treatment and because of this, find it difficult to open up honestly to others about what they’re going through. This is no less poignant a challenge for parents and siblings as for teens themselves. Therefore, we find that our Multi-Family Therapy groups provide an incredible opportunity for families to feel a sense of community they’ve been longing for; to feel safe and un-judged, even in their struggles; to feel understood by other parents and families; and to give and receive support from one another.


Another aspect of the Multi-Family Therapy groups that’s so powerful is that what we often see is teens and their family members are more able to recognize connections and insights in others, than in themselves. By listening and participating in conversations with other families that are struggling with similar fears, dynamics, and hopes, family members can often gain valuable insights into their own relationships, at home. At the same time, sometimes it’s also easier to offer compassion and patience toward other families, rather than our own. Our therapists work to foster an incredibly safe and supportive environment during these sessions that allows the opportunity for everyone to practice listening, patience, kindness, and respect. In this sense, these multi-family therapy groups can be a great training ground for adapting new habits and practices which can be implemented in families back at home, following treatment.


At Paradigm New York, we see healthy family relationships and support as fundamental to teens’ overall health, recovery, and well-being. We implement both individual and Multi-Family group sessions, in order to support the needs, dynamics, and goals of families with us at Paradigm New York. Located just outside of New York City, in Westchester, Paradigm New York is one of the leading treatment centers in the country, offering treatment for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse disorders.