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Treatment for Teens with Learning Differences & Academic Challenges

At Paradigm New York, we understand that academic issues are often one of the primary causes of stress in teens’ lives.  Very often, teens that are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions will inevitably have difficulty with their academic responsibilities, whether that be related to an inability to concentrate, stay organized, and/or an apathy that makes it too difficult to do school work.  In some cases, teens may also be struggling with additional learning challenges, one of the most common being ADD.  Regardless of teens’ diagnoses and/or specific challenges, our Treatment for Learning Differences program is tailored to meet teens’ unique academic needs, while they’re in treatment with us.

We understand that academics is one large part of teens’ overall lives and therefore, key to their overall well-being.  To this end, we’ve designed our Academic Support Programs to address an array of teens’ academic needs.  For teens with learning differences, in additional to our general small classroom time with our lead teacher, we also offer individual tutoring sessions as well as one-on-one study and instruction time.  Beyond this, we have an array of educational mentors and resources available, depending on teens’ specific needs.

As one aspect of the overall holistic therapeutic approach at Paradigm New York, we want to support teens in their time here to identify address the academic sources of stress in their lives and find ways to make progress toward feeling better and doing better, in the classroom.  To this end, therapists, teachers, and tutors work together with teens to help them discover and engage learning styles and habits that set them up to succeed. We believe that if we can support teens to better engage and manage stress in the classroom, this will make a profound difference in their overall stress levels, and as a result, their quality of life, as well.