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Treatment for Introverted Teens

Paradigm New York is a residential treatment program, providing mental health and substance abuse treatment for teens, ages 13-18. For each teen that comes to us, we designed an individualized treatment plan, carefully tailored to the teen’s tendencies and disposition, as well as his or her illness and symptoms. This is because we recognize that though there are certainly similarities and protocol for certain illnesses and conditions, some treatment approaches that work better or less with different teens. To this end, one of the aspects of personality we address, in this regard, is particular tendencies and attributes of introverted teens.

Generally speaking, introverted teens are characterized as such, based on their tendency to recharge and gain energy from spending time alone. While most teens enjoy a combination of spending time alone as well as time with others, introverted teens tend to need more time alone, especially to regain energy and/or feel at their best. Some other characteristics of introverted teens is they tend to feel more comfortable in smaller settings of one or two other people, rather than larger group settings. This is especially true in conversation, for introverted teens often have difficulty participating in larger group conversations. In order to address these needs of introverted teens, we balance the therapeutic work between group sessions, individual sessions, and individual down time. We feel that the nature of our individual therapy sessions, which teens have every day, are especially valuable for introverted teens, since they know they’ll always have this structured time where they can engage one-on-one, and not worry about any challenges with the group atmosphere. This intensive therapeutic time is only made possible by our unwavering commitment to maintaining a high staff-to-teen ratio, which is notably the highest of any residential teen treatment program in the country.

In order to ensure that introverted teens have ample time to restore themselves following group therapy sessions, which can be especially draining for them, we provide opportunities for introverted teens to have free time every day, during which they can read a book, rest, or just relax, alone. We also emphasize a sensitive, supportive group environment in all of our sessions, so that introverted teens especially feel that they are heard and appreciated, especially since it may be more challenging for them to participate.

Located in New York, just outside of Manhattan, Paradigm New York is one of the leading treatment centers in the country and specializes in designing individualized treatment plans. In addition to the wide range of substance abuse disorders and mental health condition we treat, we carefully tailor programs to fit the specific needs of different individuals, including introverted teens. At Paradigm New York, we provide treatment to teens from New York and abroad and teens usually reside with us for between 4-6 weeks.