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Teen Treatment for Shame


One of the challenges of mental health treatment is that similar symptoms can arise from a number of causes.  More specifically, symptoms that resemble depression can sometimes stem from other causes, such as different forms of shame.  This deep form of shame can arise from experiences of trauma, neglect, abuse, and/or other chronic forms of stress.  In these certain cases, treatment more aimed toward depression will not suffice to address the specific, subtle needs of these teens.



The difficulty of identifying symptoms in teens that are due to shame is, again, that they can be extremely similar to symptoms related to Depression.  Some of the specific symptoms teens may experience include: low self-confidence, apathy or disengagement, a tendency to withdraw from relationships, overall, consistent feelings of sadness, and sometimes, physical symptoms such as weight fluctuation and/or insomnia.  Beyond this, teens suffering from shame have likely experienced some sort of trauma, chronic stress, or emotional hardship, which has often gone unaddressed and untreated, and resulted in this chronic, low mood and other symptoms.



At Paradigm New York, our treatment for things such as teen shame is directly correlated to the exhaustive diagnostic process we carry out, in order to identify all active factors in teens’ current challenges.  What we find is that very often in treatment, more subtle aspects of teens experiences, such as shame, are overlooked and therefore go untreated, leaving some of teens’ core needs virtually unaddressed.  Therefore, in order to make the best possible effort to provide comprehensive treatment in cases of teen shame, we make special efforts to identify shame, during our initial diagnostic and intake processes.

With that said, teen treatment for shame often includes a combination of talk therapy and sometimes, medication, as well as occasional therapeutic methods designed to address effects of trauma.  Therapists work to help teens make connections between the depressive symptoms they’re experiencing and the difficult thoughts they have about themselves, their identities, and the hardships they’ve experienced.  The goal in identifying these cause-and-effect relationships is to help teens eventually gain the objective ability to separate identity with their pain, which will in turn, allow teens to begin to heal in their perceptions of themselves, as well as their emotional and mental health.


Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide holistic teen treatment to teens from New York and beyond, for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions, including teen shame.  Paradigm New York is located just outside of New York City and is a residential teen treatment center, which focuses on a comprehensive approach to treating mental illness, from the best combination of resources and techniques available.  To this end, Paradigm New York includes traditional, experimental, and progressive techniques in our therapy programs and our treatment center is recognized as one of the leading centers in the United States.