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Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment


Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment is a type of Anxiety Disorder in which teens experience severe stress and anxiety, related to fear of what others think of them and being judged harshly.  Teens with Social Anxiety Disorder are not just experiencing the common insecurities that most people deal with from time to time, but rather overwhelming feeling of social stress that disrupts their ability to function with their day-to-day lives.



As with many anxiety disorders, the symptoms with Teen Social Anxiety Disorder involve teens experiencing severe, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and fear, which leads to numerous other negative effects in their lives.  Unfortunately, very often what happens with anxiety disorders is the anxiety feeds upon itself; therefore, teens get stuck in thought patterns of fear and anxiety that continue to aggravate and increase, causing more fear and anxiety.

With Social Anxiety Treatment specifically, teens experience ongoing fears and worry related to thinks like what others might think of them, how they might embarrass themselves in front of others, how they will inevitably fail in front of others, and/or how they are disliked or unaccepted.  These fears may stem from a particular experience but often they will arise independent from a specific event, perhaps subtly at first but then becoming debilitating, over time.  Beyond just causing considerable unrest in teens’ lives, Social Anxiety Disorder often leads to teens withdrawing from relationships, isolating themselves, and avoiding social settings, in general.



Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment involves working with teens to discover what are the underlying stressors and issues present in their lives, which are leading to these thoughts and feelings of anxiety.  In order to thoroughly and successfully help teens to gain relief from the social anxiety, these emotional underpinnings must be evaluated and addressed.  It can also be helpful to work with teens to identify what things trigger and/or exacerbate the anxiety.

Once teens can recognize and identify these thought patterns, habits, and stressors at play in their lives, therapists can help teens to make changes and adjustments that will gradually help them to alleviate and even end these anxious cycles.  Furthermore, therapists can teach teens techniques for dealing with anxiety in healthy ways, so that in moments when stressors surface, the teens are successfully able to navigate the experience, without shutting down and/or being overwhelmed by the thoughts or feelings.


Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide teen treatment for all anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder.  Located in beautiful New York, just outside of New York City, Paradigm New York is a comprehensive teen treatment facility, providing holistic treatment to teens from New York and all over the country.  At Paradigm New York, we design our treatment plans for teens with teen anxiety disorder one at a time, taking into consideration each teen’s unique goals, needs, symptoms, and experiences.  Beyond just supporting teens to gain relief from symptoms, at Paradigm New York we work with teens to help them heal and grow, in all areas of their lives.