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Teen Nutritional Evaluation

At Paradigm New York, we view teens’ physical, mental, and emotional health as intimately linked. To this end, we’ve created diagnostic processes and evaluations that serve to provide us with as much pertinent information as possible, leading to the design and implementation of teens’ treatment plans. This ensures that our treatment program addresses and supports all aspects of teens’ health and provides the best possible, comprehensive treatment possible. We believe that by supporting teens physically, they will reap the benefits mentally and emotionally as well. To this end, we provide teens a comprehensive nutrition evaluation, preceding entry to Paradigm New York.

We find that the implementation of our nutrition evaluation at Paradigm New York benefits teens in numerous ways. First of all, our nutrition specialists can evaluate whether any of teens’ current symptoms may be either alleviated or benefited by removal or introduction of specific foods. Almost all teens eat less sugar while with us at Paradigm New York and experience positive effects from this, but there are other instances of potentially allergenic foods and/or deficiencies which can be very positive for teens. Secondly, in an effort to empower teens with tools and resources that will help them in regaining and maintaining overall health, we want teens to become knowledgeable and intentional about their eating habits. Whereas a more evident instance of this may involve a teen with an eating disorder, learning to adjust attitudes and habits surrounding food, we see many other teens benefit from learning to make healthier food choices that will support them feeling better, overall.

One of the substantial benefits of doing residential treatment in a holistic manner is we have the opportunity to support teens to focus on recovery, healing, and growth, in a way that is simply very difficult to create, in day-to-day life. There are so many different factors that affect health and we want to do our best to support all of them. We’ve seen the nutrition evaluation and nutrition plans at Paradigm New York benefit teens’ overall treatment in many ways, including: contribute toward teens having steadier energy; better concentration; milder mood swings; improved sleep; decreased cravings of specified substances; healthy appetite; and many more. As just one aspect of many therapeutic methods and implementations we use, the desired result is that teens will leave Paradigm New York with improved health, in every single area of their lives.