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Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment


Teen Gaming Addiction is a mental health illness, categorized as a behavioral disorder.  Teen Gaming Addiction is described as a condition in which teens are obsessed with playing, or thinking about playing, video games, almost constantly.  The amount of time the teens spend thinking about and playing video games is so extreme that it causes negative effects in other areas of their lives, such as academic difficulty and suffering relationships.  It’s worth noting that that the video games themselves are not the issue; rather, the obsessive relationship between the teens and the games is what becomes problematic.



It’s common for teens with Teen Gaming Addiction to show a wide range of symptoms.  It’s also common for Teen Gaming Addiction to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, in teens that are also dealing with another mental illness, such as Anxiety or Depression.  In these instances, it can be common for teens to initially retreat into video games as a way of escaping their mental illness symptoms, but over time, the gaming ends up contributing to and/or worsening those symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms of teens with Gaming Addiction include the following:

  • Withdrawal from people/teens isolating themselves
  • Extreme changes in mood
  • Difficulty interacting with others
  • Difficulty engaging in other activities
  • Insomnia




For treatment of behavioral disorders, it’s incredibly important to help teens make connections and gain insight into the symptoms they’re experiencing and their behaviors.  Where something like gaming might appear to be a harmless activity, Teen Gaming is often an addiction that’s hiding other issues and symptoms.  Therefore, it’s important to help teens uncover what leads them to need to be so disconnected from their current world that they must retreat so extremely into the gaming one.

Furthermore, in instances of Co-Occurring disorders, it’s important to help uncover what sorts of negative thoughts, belief systems, stressors, triggers, anxiety and depression may exist, which teens may not even be aware they’re suffering from.  In taking a holistic approach to teen gaming addiction treatment, and considering every possible aspect of their lives and experiences, therapists can better help teens not only recover from their gaming addiction, but furthermore, to improve the health and happiness in their lives.


Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide treatment to teens from New York and all over the U.S., in our residential treatment facility, located just outside of New York City.  Paradigm New York offers Teen Gaming Addiction treatment, with special care paid to potential Co-Occurring Disorders.  At Paradigm New York, we design treatment plans according to the teens’ specific needs, goals, and symptoms, and work closely with families, in order to comprehensively address every aspect of the teens’ lives.