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Teen Bullying Treatment


Bullying is a stress that affects a large number of teens today, and often can serve as a contributing factor or trigger for teens’ existing feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and/or pressure.  In general, the teen bullying effects we see in treatment relates simply to teens receiving ongoing, unwanted negative and/or aggressive attention, which usually involves intimidating and power-play dynamics. In a fast-paced world of social media, online avatars, and internet accessibility, the access that teens have to each others’ lives have increased considerably, and this has contributed toward cyber bullying and extreme degree of pressure that teens feel.



The symptoms of teen bullying can extend to include a number of negative effects, including but not limited to: loss of confidence, extreme anxiety and stress about attending school, ditching classes in order to avoid a bully, panic attacks, dropping grades, being the victim of physical abuse and/or theft, and withdrawing from people.

In instances where teens are experiencing bullying in addition to symptoms related to a Mental Illness, especially Anxiety or Depression, the effects of bullying can significantly increase and/or aggravate these symptoms.  Beyond this, the bullying can also make teens feel trapped in an environment where they’re unable to relieve stress, which causes a sense of pressure and hopelessness.  This is at least partly why it’s so important to support teens that are being bullied and ensure that they’re not hiding their pain.



In an effort to not only help teens feel better on a daily basis, but also, to alleviate stressors from their lives and equip teens to deal with stress in a healthy manner, it’s very important to support teens that are being bullied.  We find that merely teens getting to talk about their experience and not feel alone can be extremely helpful in them beginning to feel less stress.  It’s also important to shed light on possible intervention which may need to take place, either by parents and/or educators, depending on the specific situations.

Beyond this, it’s valuable for teens that are being bullied to make active connections between their current symptoms (such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.) and the bullying they experience.  To help teens feel less vulnerable to the bully, it’s valuable to firstly work on strategies and techniques to fend off stress.  Secondly, therapists can work with teens to evaluate potential practical solutions to help the situation.  And lastly, therapists can work with teens to address negative beliefs and opinions of themselves they may have adapted, as a result of being bullied.


Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we design all teen bullying treatment plans to holistically address all aspects of the teens’ lives, including mental, physical, social, and spiritual experiences.  This includes helping address all aspects of teens’ environments and ways which those environments are negatively impacting their current overall health.  Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located just outside of New York City.  We offer comprehensive teen bullying treatment plans for teens from New York and beyond, as well as treatments for a wide range of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.