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Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment


Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder is a mental illness in which teens experience psychotic symptoms for a limited amount a time, usually about a month.  Very often, the illness will appear very suddenly, and without warning.  As with many psychotic disorders, teens with Brief Psychotic Disorder may often experience symptoms related to their thinking and behaviors, brought about by delusions.



Brief Psychotic Disorder may include a number of different symptoms, which affect the teens’ physical, mental, and behavioral capacities.  Some of the symptoms teens may experience include hearing, seeing, and/or smelling things that are not actually there, strange speech, disrupted sleep, delusions, paranoia, and distorted memory.  And some of the behavioral symptoms can include teens behaving recklessly, sudden change in behavior, and/or unusual body movements.

As with other Psychotic Disorders, the delusions that teens experience often cause them to conduct themselves in unusual ways, depending on the particular beliefs they have about themselves and/or the world around them.

In some cases, teens may experience Brief Psychotic Disorder following a traumatic event or a period of significant chronic stress in the teen’s life.  In other instances, there may be no obvious for the cause of the onset of the illness.



The two main aspects of Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder treatment include individual and group therapy sessions, often accompanied by medication.  In talk therapy sessions, therapists support teens to observe and recognize the presence of the delusions as well as the behaviors caused by those delusions.  In supporting teens to recognize the falsity of the beliefs connected to the delusions, therapists can then help teens to begin changing behaviors, as well as learning healthier ways to react to the presence of the delusions.

At the same time, our therapists work with teens to uncover what other stressors and/or potential triggers that may be present in their lives, and may be possible contributors to the delusions.  In cases where teens experience trauma, therapists work with teens to address those experiences in a way that will allow teens to gain healing and perspective from the occurrence.  Because it’s common for Brief Psychotic Disorder to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, our team of therapists also always takes special care to be aware of any other present conditions that may be present.



Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide teen Brief Psychotic Disorder treatment, as well as treatment for a wide range of other mental health conditions.  Paradigm New York is a residential style treatment center, located in New York, just outside of New York City.  At Paradigm New York, we pride ourselves in creating and implementing highly precise, holistic treatment plans, which include daily individual therapy sessions, family group therapy work, and extensive therapeutic offerings.  Paradigm New York provides treatment for teens ages 13-18, and serves teens from New York State, as well as the rest of the country.