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Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment


Teen Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness, characterized by teens having a distorted, highly critical view of themselves, which causes significant unrest to the teens as well as others, close to them.  While the particular dynamics and symptoms of Teen Borderline Personality Disorder can often be complex, generally speaking, the teens’ feelings of insecurity is often so overwhelming that it creates extremely unpredictable, erratic behavior in the teens.  This tendency causes the teens increasing amounts of stress and also prevents the teens from being able to conduct themselves appropriately in relationships.



Beyond the controlling feelings of low self-worth and insecurity that teens with Borderline Personality Disorder experience, they often also feel high amounts of anxiety and guilt regarding their interactions and relationships with others.  This combination can cause teens to get stuck in cyclical behaviors of behaving inappropriately toward someone and then reacting manipulatively, because of the guilt they feel.  Because of instances like these, it’s often very difficult for people to understand the actions and/or motives of teens with Borderline Personality Disorder, and people can often feel that they’re being pushed or pulled in multiple directions at once.

Beyond this, some of the other symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder include: inability to control or regulate behaviors, anxiety, depression, inability to be alone, extreme dependence on others, reckless behaviors such as substance abuse and dangerous activities.  There are four different subsets of Borderline Personality Disorder, categorized by specific symptoms.  These subtypes include: The Impulsive Borderline (characterized by extreme and dangerous behavior, need for attention, and thrill-seeking); The Petulant Borderline (characterized by severe moodiness, insecurity and anxiety in relationships); The Self-Destructive Borderline (characterized by negative life outlook leading to behaviors of self-harm); and The Discouraged Borderline (characterized by feelings of Depression and general unrest, outbursts, and harmful behaviors.)



Teen Borderline Personality Disorder treatment usually involves a combination of techniques and approaches, including individual and group therapy sessions, behavioral therapy, and sometimes, medication.  Therapists work with teens to help them address and process their negative feelings about themselves as well as how those feelings play out in behaviors, in their lives.  Therapists will then help teens to work on correcting and/or regulating these negative behaviors, by learning tools and resources which will equip them to react to triggers in more productive, healthy ways.  Lastly, in group therapy sessions with peers and family, therapists will facilitate healthy, safe, and supportive conversations, in which teens can recognize and take responsibility for the ways in which their behaviors have affected others.  By creating this supportive group environment, teens and their loved ones can find new, more constructive ways to communicate and interact.

Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide residential teen treatment programs for teens ages 13-18, both from New York and the rest of the U.S.  Paradigm New York is located in New York, just outside of Manhattan, and provides treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, including Personality Disorders, such as Borderline Personality Disorder.  At Paradigm New York, our holistic approach to teen borderline personality disorder treatment creates a setting where we treat all aspects of teens’ lives, in order to best support them to return home and experience overall improved well-being.