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Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment


Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder is a mental illness in which teens are so afraid of the possibility of being rejected that they dramatically avoid any people and situations that may lead to this experience.  Not only do teens with this illness tend to dramatically withdraw from others and have extreme difficulty maintaining relationships, but this isolation can often aggravate and/or worsen their low feelings of self-worth, as well.



While it’s common for all teens to struggle with some issues of self-confidence and being liked by peers, teens with Avoidant Personality Disorder are overwhelmed by these fears, to the point where it negatively effects and/or debilitates numerous areas of their lives.  There are four different subtypes of the illness, categorized by particular symptoms.

The four subtypes include: Phobic Avoidant (characterized by teens avoiding situations and people); Conflicted Avoidant (characterized by teens having a negative outlook on themselves and life); Self-deserting Avoidant (characterized by teens obsessing on others to the degree which they overlook themselves; and Hypersensitive Avoidant (characterized by teens’ inhibitions leading to occasional paranoia.)



Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder treatment begins with therapists helping teens to address the emotional underpinnings, which are at the root of their fear of judgement.  As teens explore the false belief systems that cause them this distress, they can begin to correct these thought patterns and over time, rebuild a positive self-view.

Simultaneously, therapists can work with teens to help them begin to learn healthier ways to respond to stress when it arises, so that over time, they can begin to interact with others more successfully.  This allows teens to not only reduce their overall stress and anxiety levels, but furthermore, to begin enjoying healthy relationships in their lives.

In some cases, therapists may recommend that teens take medication, for some period of time, in order to help alleviate the levels of stress and anxiety that teens are experiencing.  In these cases, we find that teens will often gain enough relief from the medication that it will aid in allowing them to fully engage in the therapeutic process.


Paradigm New York:

Paradigm New York is a teen treatment program, which serves teens from New York and abroad, in a comfortable, house-like setting.  Paradigm New York teen Avoidant Personality Disorder treatment, as well as treatment for many other mental health and substance abuse disorders.  During treatment at Paradigm New York, teens receive individual treatment sessions every day, as well as having access to a number of other therapeutic groups and resources.  Paradigm New York is located just outside of Manhattan, New York.