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Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment


Teen Attention Deficit Disorder is a brain disorder, characterized by chronic difficulty concentrating, regulating and/or correcting behaviors, paying attention, and/or focusing.  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a type of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  ADD is one of the most common brain disorders among teenagers and often is present as a Co-Occurring Disorder.



The dominating symptoms of ADD are teens experience a level of chronic hyperactivity and inability to concentrate, which is so overwhelming that it prevents teens from being able to function properly.  As such, Teen ADD can lead to significant disruptions in teens’ lives, especially including responsibilities at school and with academics, within relationships, and in social settings.

Within the academic context, it’s extremely common for teens with ADD to experience significant additional challenges in the classroom and with homework, due to their inability to stay focused and on-task, stay organized, and exercise memory.  Because teens with ADD can also be easily distracted, it can often be hard for them to succeed in group settings, such as test-taking in class, where they’re required to sit still for long periods of time.

Within relationships and social contexts, sometimes teens with ADD can experience challenges, due to their difficulty conducting themselves appropriately and/or correcting poor behavior, even after addressing.  Teens with ADD tend to have fewer challenges within peer relationships than those with their superiors; however, teens with ADD are more likely to abuse substances, during their adolescent years.



One of the most important aspects of Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment is diagnosing it correctly.  Despite how common it is among teens, because the symptoms can vary and can also be similar to those of other conditions, ADD can often be overlooked and as a result, under-treated or mis-treated.

Following proper diagnosis of Teen ADD, treatment usually involves talk therapy sessions, behavioral therapy, and medication.  In talk therapy sessions, therapists work with teens to help them make connections between their symptoms and their behaviors.  Then, therapists can work with teens to support them as they learn to curb and/or change behaviors, over time.  Furthermore, therapists can work with teens to equip them with resources and techniques to use, in order to improve their ability to overcome their symptoms and better succeed, in multiple areas of their lives.


Paradigm New York:

At Paradigm New York, we provide holistic mental health and substance abuse treatment, to teens from New York and the rest of the country.  We offer residential teen treatment for teens with ADD and/or ADD as a Co-Occurring Disorder.  All of our treatment plans at Paradigm New York are designed according to the individual teen, and tailored to meet the teen’s specific needs, symptoms, and experiences.  Our Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment plans include individual, peer group and family therapy sessions, as well as a wide offering of supplemental support programs, including Academic Support.  Paradigm New York is located just outside of New York City.