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Teen Academic Support


In many instances, teens that are struggling with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder may suffer negative effects at school, such as lower grades, inability to concentrate on work, and overwhelming stress related to academics. To ensure that teens at Paradigm New York are supported in all aspects of their lives during their time here, we provide an array of supplemental support programs, including our Teen Academic Support Program. In addition to daily class time to work on current school work, all teens at Paradigm New York will have access to special tutoring and teen academic support resources, designed to specifically address their academic needs, assignments, and stresses. These additional services are provided by a team of tutors, counselors, and teachers, who help to support our teens to regain confidence and success in the classroom, both while at Paradigm New York, and when they return to their local schools. Our Academic Support Programs are designed to cover specific areas of need, and are always tailored to best fit each teen’s individual situation.


Learning Differences Support

Our Learning Differences Support Program is designed to assist teens with learning difference needs. We understand that often for teens with learning differences, it’s not necessarily the subject matter that’s problematic or stressful, but other factors such as the method of instruction, the learning environment, and/or the pressure of time. Therefore, in order to support teens to be as comfortable, confident, and successful as they can be in the classroom, often we will pair teens with a tutor who can work with them individually, to help supplement the time teens have in class.

As tutors and teachers work with teens to individually meet their academic needs, they also help teens to observe and identify their habits, stressors, and needs in class, which teens may not always be aware of. By helping teens to notice what their habits in class are, the tutors can then help teens to make adjustments and changes, so that they’re more equipped to succeed in school.


Honors/AP/Gifted Support

We also offer a Gifted Support program, designed to address and support students who are in honors and/or AP classes. During their time at Paradigm New York, we provide tutors who can assist teens in making sure they continue to work through, and succeed in, their advanced classes. Beyond just keeping up with their school work load, we want to support gifted teens in their ongoing academic growth, and ensure they don’t worry about missing school, as we want them to be fully focused to their important time at Paradigm New York.


Academic Stress

One important aspect of the holistic treatment approach at Paradigm New York is to skillfully observe and consider any and all causes of stress and aggravation in teens’ lives, which may be adding to or exacerbating symptoms teens are already experiencing. What we find when we approach mental illness and substance abuse holistically is that often, the symptoms, causes, effects, and triggers, are all interwoven. Because most teens experience both mental and physical symptoms and because many if not all areas of teens’ lives are affected, we find that it’s enormously important to help teens address all these different aspects of life.

With this said, school is very often a very large part of teens’ lives, and so are the stressors that go along with it. If teens are experiencing stress in the classroom on a regular basis, it can aggravate the symptoms they’re suffering from, due to the illness. This, in turn, can lead to more difficulty in school, and the cycle continues to repeat itself. Therefore, in working with teens to heal and rebuild all areas of their lives, we want to thoroughly address their academic experience, and work toward equipping them to being successful students, both during their time with us, and once they return to their schools.