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Support for Teens With Diabetes

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment program, based in New York, just outside of New York City.  Paradigm New York provides comprehensive residential treatment plans for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions and teens usually reside with us for between 4-6 weeks, while in treatment.  Paradigm New York prides itself in not only designing and implementing treatment plans that successfully address symptoms and illnesses, but work to poignantly support teens in all areas of their lives, so they can recover and heal to their fullest capacity.  To this end, Paradigm New York boasts supplemental support programs, tailored to addressing unique teens that are with us, in treatment, including special support for Teens with Diabetes.

As part of our treatment plans for all teens, we provide a number of physical-health based programs, in order to holistically support teens’ overall health and well-being.  These programs include athletic training and exercise programs, along with nutrition plans and counseling, in order to ensure that teens’ physical health and nutrition needs are cohesive to teens’ overall health.  In this regard, our chefs work carefully with our nutritionist, who assists in meal design for the teens.  

This program, combined with our small staff-to-client ratio, lends itself incredibly well to supporting teens with diabetes, since these teens can communicate their needs first-hand to these team members.  Beyond this, we also have a nurse practitioner, who works directly with teens with diabetes, and helps them monitor any health concerns or challenges, throughout their time with us at Paradigm New York.  Our nurse practitioner is highly experienced and skilled not only in treatment and maintenance of diabetes in general, but also the specific concerns of teens with diabetes who may also be on additional medications and/or treatment plans.