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Gifted Teen Treatment

At Paradigm New York, in addition to our holistic mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, we offer a number of supplemental support programs, to address additional unique needs of teens. One of these programs is our Gifted Teen Treatment, which is part of our Academic Support program. It’s actually quite common for gifted teens to struggle with unique behavioral and emotional health challenges, and a good number of the teens that come to us at Paradigm fit this profile. Statistically speaking, it’s actually common for gifted teens to struggle with mental health conditions, especially Mood Disorders, such as Anxiety and Depression. At Paradigm New York, we understand that the symptoms of mental health and behavioral health conditions can significantly affect teens’ ability to focus, excel, and generally live up to their potential, in the classroom. Our Gifted Teen Treatment program is designed to meet the specific, unique needs of gifted teens, who are currently struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse illnesses.

During their time with us at Paradigm, we want teens to not only make forward strides with experiencing decreased and/or diminished symptoms, but to regain the ability to excel, and even improve, their academic performance. We understand that for gifted teens that are in honors and/or AP programs, taking time off from school can be difficult, especially since the curriculum is rigorous and moves so quickly. We want to make sure that teens are able to fully focus on their therapeutic work and recovery, and certainly not feel any undue, additional stress, due to academic concerns. To this end, beyond the normal classroom hours and instruction we provide, we also offer individual tutors, teachers, and mentors, to assist gifted teens in any school work or studying they may have.

We also understand that for teens struggling with mental illness and especially Mood Disorders, finding ways to decrease and manage stress is key to teens’ overall quality of life. For most teenagers, academics is one of the largest sources of stress in their lives. Even for gifted teens that tend to excel in courses, the pressure of managing academic and extracurricular responsibilities is considerable, and often can feel overwhelming. Our Gifted Teen Treatment also helps to support teens in addressing this stress, by finding ways to better manage it, recognizing triggers and/or sources of stress, and working on practical solutions to alleviating academic-related stress. Overall, our goal is to help Gifted Teens to return to their lives and the classroom, with every capability to succeed and fulfill their great potential.