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Individualized Tutoring

At Paradigm New York, we offer an array of Academic Support Services, including Individualized Tutoring. Whether teens are struggling in a particular subject, need help catching up with school-work, or simply need the extra support which a one-on-one setting provides, we find that our Individualized Tutoring sessions ensure the opportunity for teens to get the specific academic help they need, while at Paradigm New York. All of our tutors are trained in working with adolescents and we’ve seen significant results in the academic progress of our teens, through this program.


For the great majority of adolescents, academics are one of the largest sources of stress in their lives. So when teens are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health conditions, this stress is often exponentially increased, as teens find it very difficult to engage, concentrate, and follow through on their responsibilities. This creates an unfortunate reciprocal relationship where the academic stress in turn aggravates the stress-related symptoms teens are already struggling with. This can understandably lead to teens feeling very discouraged about their current academic standing as well as their future academic goals.


Especially for teens that are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about facing and addressing their academic responsibilities, our Individualized tutoring provides an excellent opportunity for them to have the support they need to begin engaging the work, one step at a time. By removing the pressure of other classmates and teachers, it’s often easier for teens to re-learn to focus and concentrate on work in this one-on-one setting. The tutor can not only help the teen to understand concepts and complete work, but furthermore, to rebuild and strengthen learning strategies, processes, and mindset. Over time, this patient, intentional support can create an incredible shift in the teens’ attitudes toward learning, school work, and perhaps most importantly, themselves as students.


It’s important to also note that our Individualized tutoring sessions are implemented in conjunction and cooperation with teens’ overall treatment plans. The tutors coordinate with the teachers and therapists both, so that this educational time is in line with, and furthers, the teens’ greater therapeutic goals. The result is that we’ve created an academic support service that not only helps teens to become better, more confident students, but also supports them in every aspect of their treatment goals of healing and well-being, altogether.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, dedicated to designing the most thorough, precise therapeutic care possible. Located in Westchester, New York, Paradigm New York proudly offers a number of Academic Support services as part of our treatment programs, including our Individualized tutoring sessions.