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Family Day

At Paradigm New York, we’re proud of the Family Support Program we’ve put together, which is designed to meet the unique and substantial needs of family members and the family as a unit, throughout the teen treatment process. We understand that when adolescents are in treatment for mental health and substance abuse conditions, the whole family is affected. Not only do we believe that strengthening and supporting the family directly translates to support of the teen, but that family support and a healthy family environment will further, accelerate, and preserve the important work teens are doing in treatment. Along these lines, we’ve designed family support programs and groups, specifically tailored to address the needs and provide support to families, while teens are in treatment with us.


Family Day is an instrumental aspect of our teen treatment programs and a time of powerful growth and healing, for everyone involved. During Family Day, therapists facilitate small family group sessions, structured to address both what teens are currently processing and experiencing, as well as what the family members are processing. In these sessions, therapists create a safe, respectful space, in which everyone can feel heard and un-judged, as they express what their experience is.


For the teens in treatment, this time is valuable for teens to be able to speak freely about the work they’re doing in treatment, including specific insights surrounding family relationships and dynamics which they may have discovered and/or are addressing. And for parents and family members, it’s so important to have regularly scheduled times to check in with their teens, ask questions, gain more knowledge about the process and their teens’ experience, and also address their own fears, conflicts, and feelings. In this respect, Family Day not only is an integral part of the current treatment experience, but is also a process of laying the groundwork, in order to create a healthy and supportive environment following treatment, which will protect and further the family’s healing process.


It’s worth noting that we truly believe that the intensive, focused, and valuable nature of our Family Due is largely due to the patient, skillful leadership and direction of our therapists. We’re proud to say that families and teens tend to really enjoy and deeply appreciate this time together, even in cases where they may have at first been nervous or uncertain about participating in sessions, in this way. Our therapists are highly trained and skilled in creating and nurturing a safe, comfortable environment where meaningful conversations can take place. During these sessions, teens and family members gain great insight into the ways their lives are connected, and to heal and grow, in order to improve everyone’s quality of life and relationships, moving forward.


Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment facility, located in Westchester, New York. Paradigm New York specializes in holistic teen treatment, which includes addressing the family relationships and dynamics, facilitated by programs such as Family Day.