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Alternative Therapies

At Paradigm New York, we recognize the extraordinary benefits of providing treatment by drawing from a number of different approaches and modalities. We’ve developed this perspective both from our experience treating young people as well as the rapidly growing knowledge and expertise in the mental health field, which continues to underline the fact that mental health conditions cannot be separated from the body, and vice versa. Instead, what we’re continuing to learn is the health of the mind and body are intimately connected and you can’t successfully address one without considering the other. This is why our treatment approach is a holistic one, designed to address all aspects of teens’ lives and health.

Notably, providing this kind of thorough approach to teens requires implementing a number of different techniques and strategies, so that each individual teen’s unique needs can be met sufficiently. Very often, identifying what those unique needs are is one of the most crucial and time-staking aspects of the process, because there can be so many different important factors and connections present. For instance, one teen’s panic attacks may be triggered by performing well in school, while another teen might be suffering from hormonal imbalances that are creating an neurological imbalance. One teen’s depression may be connected to PTSD while another’s might be linked to a hereditary chemical imbalance. One teen’s Eating Disorder may be related to peer relationships and pressure, while another’s might be connected to stressful dynamics, at home. The point is treating each of these teens precisely and sufficiently may require very different strategies, and this is why we draw upon so many different treatment techniques, at Paradigm New York.

While on the one hand, this seemingly infinite number of connections between causes and symptoms can be overwhelming, the science and therapeutic options that have arisen as a result are extremely exciting. Practices like meditation and yoga are being shown to have significant positive effects on people, both on physical and neurological symptoms, while nutrition and exercise are known now to be fundamental contributors to teens’ moods and stress levels. When we approach treatment at Paradigm New York, we want to have all of these resources available to us, which is why we have one of the widest selections of Alternative Therapies available, of any program in the nation.

At Paradigm New York, some of the Alternative therapies programs we offer include but are not limited to: Yoga therapy, Recreational Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapies, Drama Therapy, Meditation Therapy, and Somatic Experience Therapy. The specific therapies we incorporate depends on the teen’s needs, goals, and experiences, and are always implemented in conjunction with the teen’s talk-therapy sessions.

Paradigm New York is a residential teen treatment center, located just outside of New York City, in Westchester. Paradigm New York specializes in adolescent treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders in a holistic-style treatment approach.